Orange Custard, a branding and web design studio, has a twofold mission: to help its clients develop ideas not yet storied, and to reinvigorate ideas with stories that may need to be freshened and retold. We treat every concept as a detailed analysis of the brand, and we make certain that your ideas will be presented to the world with artistry, clear strategy, and timeless design.

Consistency is at the core of our work. Your vision will be our guide.


Design is visual storytelling and we believe in the beauty of design. Every chosen element is important, because each detail representing your brand is an expression of the project, tells a story of who you are, what you've already done, and what you are about to do.


Two things we know for sure: design matters, and quality Maybe something like: communicating the quality of your work requires that your site’s design communicates excellence. The quality of your vision will be interpreted by:

Color. Choosing complimentary hues and tints that will reflect your brand's identity.
Graphics. Visual art that is non-intrusive and will add to the overall look and feel of your project.
Typography. Choose fonts that are readable and reinforce the content of your web pages or brand's logo.
Balance. The most important design principal is visual weight. Your site may contain disparate important elements--logos, social media icons, graphics, and video—and my job is to place these elements so the overall vision has balance, and your message has clarity.


Design. Vision. Quality.